Zoe Quinn Fake Doxx/Hack

Zoe Quinn fakes a doxx on her Tumblr and Twitter, trying to be the victim.

Nevermind that at the time there was no ‘submit’ option and trying to reach a submit page resulted in a 404.

And given Tumblr’s security features, which would disconnect users if more than one person tried to sign on to the same account, this makes no sense unless she herself is doing it.  Multiple people trying to post from the account would be continuously disconnected and forced to log in again.  In short, the ‘multiple posters’ that are posting on her blog are impossible.

And given the inconsistencies in behavior, like keeping her blog name, blog theme, not interjecting code into her HTML to get her blog deleted by mods, not just posting her passwords and, very noticeable, capitalizing the v in /v/, suggests this is a false attempt.